A bit of creativity in the middle of a crazy week!

Well today with Bug and Tadpole here, I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to try anything new today. They didn’t feel like doing any work, so we made it a play day! 🙂 I just let the kids do what they felt like doing. It was pretty good. I am still trying to find that perfect middle ground where everyone is happy!

On a happier note, yesterday we had a day that was pretty relaxed and fun! I was even able to make the girls a couple of the skirts that I have cut out for fall! Bunny requested that I make the purple skirts first! She picked this bright lavender linen out while we were at the fabric store along with a lavender flower applique, and she just loved it! Its not a really fall color, but it is pretty! I was able to use a really simple pattern I found online to make some twirly girly skirts that only took a little time! The pattern is here if you want to make a few! I pinned a couple of versions of this pattern on my pintrest board. If you pop by, follow me! If you haven’t discovered pintrest, then just send me an email and I can invite you! Here are the pictures of my darlings in their skirts!

Aren’t they cute!!!!!!
{My girls, not the skirts! Although the skirts are cute too!}

Pup’s skirt

I think her face says it all! She loves it! 😉

I didn’t buy Pup the purple applique, so I made one since the skirt needed it!
Here is Bunny’s Skirt. She loved her too!

This is the applique Bunny picked out! I matched perfectly!
Anyway, this was my moment of creativity that made me feel like a sane person! 🙂 I know that it is only Wednesday, but hey we all have weeks like this! I hope your week is going well!
What have you done special this week?