A few Milestones!!!!

Well today both of my girls did a few things that they have not done before! Bunny made a train track with blocks and the train tracks. She has never really built something that was so out of the box! I was surprised with her creative problem solving to make it all work together well! It is also really symmetrical! That is such a Bunny things to do. Everything in its place and everything balanced! 🙂

Another really big thing that Pup did today was draw her first person all on her own!!!! She made the head, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the body, the arms, everything! I don’t know when it happened, but she just did it! I am really shocked at how she just drew it!
By the way, this is me! 🙂 Didn’t she do a wonderful job!
So that is all that’s new today! I think that things are going to be a little quite here over the weekend as I prep for our next theme (plus I need to do some shopping for Bunny who has outgrown everything!). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!