Amazing Sucesses and Epic Failures

The past week has had so many little moments that I thought they deserved its own post! The first amazing success is that Pup wrote her very first word all by herself! I was cooking dinner and she told me that she was going to draw a leopard. Nothing new there, but she came back and told me that she wrote leopard on her picture. I look and sure enough she did! She put the sounds down as she heard them and it was awesome! She has never been able to really isolate the sounds in a word yet, but I guess that changed!


Another awesome success is that Bunny is reading! Not only is she reading she is understanding! She read some of the botany books we got from the library, and when we did our lesson, she told me that she knew what we were talking about because she read it in a book! She is understanding what she reads! It has happened! She can read for real! Success!


Now….for the epic failure…the Garden is dead. All of it! (Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry). The bugs got the zucchini plants and the heat got the tomatoes and the peppers just never grew right. I tired everything. I even tried pesticide. Even the garden area with a the fence around it we built fell over and broke in the wind. Sigh….maybe we will get some started plants and try again!


(This was right before they turned brown and crunchy)

So that is what we have been doing here! Lots of little moments! I hope you are having lotsย of great moments at your house too! Did you have a great moment or an epic fail? Share your moment in the comments!