An African Safari!!!

Today we were able to use some tickets to the local African Safari…..yes I said safari!!!! This place has African animals wandering around for you to feed as you drive through their area! There were Zebras, Giraffes, some kind of deer things, Buffalo, and alpacas! We were given pellets and carrots! All we needed to do was roll down the car windows and drive through!!!! The animals wandered right up to car, put their heads in and eat anything you give them! 🙂 Bunny thought it was fun, but Pup was a little unsure of {read freaked out} by the big animals! 🙂 Here are the pictures that I was able to take {It was incredibly hard to get a good pic from seat I was sitting in the car}!

The giraffes and Zebras were behind fences, but you could still reach to feed them!

I had to stand up in the car to reach to feed the giraffes!!!! Too Cool!

They also have a walk through park with some other animals to see! Most are ones we have the zoo, but it was cool!

These are porcupine 
There a quite a lot of monkeys {much to Pup’s delight} and they were all playing and moving around!!!!
 I love it when the animals are playing!

These are ring tailed lemurs!

Bunny was really interested in seeing the geese and swans! They were making all sorts of noise!

Crested Pigeon

After seeing {and feeding} animals we needed a snack!

Then we got some smashed penny souvenirs! 🙂

Pup’s has a zebra

Bunny’s has a giraffe!

This really was a cool experience! The girls both thought it was great! I am so thankful to my friend for giving us these tickets! It was a once in a lifetime experience!!!!