An Apple A Day

Sept. 24, 2014220

Today ended badly……really badly. It was one of those days that went down in a flaming glory of tears and yelling. After much crying (by them) and much yelling (by all of us), we hugged and decided that tomorrow would be better and that we were all sorry! So instead of telling you all about that…..I will share all the fun we had yesterday. (It was a better day).

Yesterday, our friend invited us to go to the local apple orchard for s festival they have there! It was wonderful! The weather was cool, but not freezing and it wasn’t raining! There was fair food, rides, ponies, and apple picking! But the coolest thing there (in my opinion) were the camels you could ride! Yes….read it again…..camel rides! AWESOME! All in all it was just a fun family day…..and those are the best kind right? Plus we did pick a very large half bushel of apples too…..there will be lots of yummy thing made from those! Here are some pictures of out fun (a very real happily ever after moment)DSC_0108

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