Any Thoughts?????

I have a question to throw out at you….well a couple actually. I was hoping to write a couple of Montessori unit plans that will help you make the themes and trays for every subject area. I figured that I have done a lot of the work (and so have some other amazing bloggers who want to help with this) and I want to share it with you. Each unit, will have ideas for Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Science, Geography, Art/ Music, and even some book suggestions. This is still a work in progress and I have some things to do for it, but I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in buying these units. I was thinking of selling them for around $9 each. There should be enough in each unit to use for a month (just like I do in my classroom).
Another thing that I really want to do, is start an awesome Linky Party! If my long time readers remember, I tried to write a Taking Time Tuesday Post each week in the fall. That kinda fell apart,but  want to bring it to life again by letting all of you share your weekly fun too! The goal is to do one thing a week that you may not normally do. Maybe you cook with your 3 year old, or read a mountain of books, or have a cool party! Whatever you took time to do this week with your family! It seems to me, that the good moments get lost easily, especially when you have a rough week. This linky party is here to help us remember and hold on to the good moments! Mark your calenders! The plan is to launch it next Tuesday and I would love to have you all party with me!
As for what we have been up to today, well….my Mom got a puppy!!!! Awwwww! Not just any puppy, one of the puppies from my in laws house (the same ones Pup was holding on Sunday)! She was so cute and actually loved all the kids at my moms house! I was so surprised that she seemed to fit right in so fast! Perfect! 🙂

Isnt she a sweetie?
The other things that happened today was that Bunny’s best friend was in a play at church! So of course we all headed over there for that! It was so sweet to hear them all singing and they did an amazing job! Bunny was asked if she wanted to be in it next year and she still gave a definite no! She really like to watch shows, but not be in them!

So there we have it! Lots of fun and new ideas floating about here! PLEASE let me know what you think of my ideas (Yes I am begging for your input)! I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer! 🙂 Happy Schooling!