Apples for you, Apples for me!

Well I was too tired last night to post me second post and you will see why in a second! I am not a make my own foods, can it for winter sort of girl. I mean I really just don’t see why all the time and effort put into canning tomatoes is worth it. They are easy to buy and taste about the same {just without all the mess in your kitchen, and all the aching in your body}! However, there are a few things that I make an exception for. I always make my own jams, applesauce, and salsa {ok I haven’t made salsa yet, but my moms tasted amazing so I will be doing that someday soon!}. They just taste better, alot better! It makes the effort worth it! So my Hubbie {who adores homemade applesauce} bought 2 bushels of apples a week or two ago. After we got the apples, life took off like crazy and I have hardly been home. The apples I thought would be find in my nice cool basement! Not so! They were starting to get bad, so yesterday I knew that I needed to do something about it! So…..I planned to make the world’s biggest apple crisp { ok several pans of it at any rate}. I didn’t have time to make applesauce and making it alone is like a suicide mission! But as I thought more about it I realized that I could just as easily make a little applesauce and apple crips for the rest. Well I got Pup down for a nap {she still thinks that this is not necessary so it involves alot of crying on both parts, however if she doesn’t have one its worse} so I broke out the sauce machine and begged Bunny to help start washing apples! She did and we got to work! Long story short, after washing quartering, boiling, saucing,and canning a whole batch {Bunny was tired about half way through} I ran out of lids for my jars! Thanks the Lord for good friends! My friend was so kind as to run me over 12 of her own jar and a pile of lids! So I kept going, stopped for dinner and bedtime with the girls. Then my Hubbie got home and helped me knock out the last bushle {I told you applesauce alone is something only a crazy person would do!}. We worked until 9:30pm and made 32 quarts of applesauce! Whew! I was SO exhausted and right now I never want see applesauce again! 😉 Here are a few pictures I was able to take during the insanity!

Do you do any canning or storing food in your home?