Battle Ships and Bright Sunshine

Today was our last full day with my nephew and we thought we should go somewhere fun together! And we did! We headed out to Navy Week on the river! We got to see a couple or real battle ships, and a navy helicopter! It was a rare opportunity to see the people and the ships that work so hard to keep our country safe and sound!The sights and sounds were amazing! It was beautiful to see the ships all decked out in their flags and shining in the sun. Plus it is always cool to get on a ship! 

It was pretty fun, even though it was really hot! And my nephew was so excited that he got to sit in the helicopter and touch all the buttons! 😉 
This rounded off our day of fun! Earlier in the day I took the kids to the children’s garden and they had a great time there too! The ran, enjoyed nature, and played in the garden sprinklers! I got some really pretty pictures, so I thought I would share them!

Ok…we may have done a little too much today, but the kids had fun and so did I! There was a lot of beautiful moments and happy memories made! That is what its all about! 🙂 I hope your are having a great weekend!