Build a Bear Chirstmas fun!

Yesterday my sister took the girls to the Build a Bear store for their early Christmas gift! They were so excited!!!!! If you haven’t been there, it a place where you choose your animals and help stuff it. Then you pick out an outfit to make it special! It is a busy place full of fun and bears! 🙂 Both girls had an amazing time picking everything out!

Picking out their bear

Bunny had to have this!

Pup’s Bear is getting its stuffing!

Here she is kissing the heart to give the bear love. The heart goes in the bear before its sewn up.

Here is Bunny adding her heart!

After that it was time to fluff them all up!

Here is Pup with her Bear! She named it Teddy!

Bunny named hers Emma!

They were both so happy! Thanks to Aunt for all the fun she got them! They have been playing with them non stop since yesterday!!! It was a sweet Christmas Memory that I’m sure they will remember for a long time!