Bunny’s Recipe

My Bunny has really been interested in making her own recipe! I dont know why, but she has been thinking and thinking about how she could make a unique applesauce! She had a whole idea that included using some of our homemade applesauce and some that i bought from the store. She combined these with some cinnamon and she made it all on her own! She was so proud of herself since she did it with no help and because we took it with us to our friends house for dinner and everyone loved it! I loved that she got some much confidence in her self and that she seemed to fulfill that inner need to create this dish! Here is her recipe:

Bunny’s Applesauce
1 Quart of Applesauce (homemade)
1 Small Individual Cinnamon Applesauce Container
1 Small Individual Strawberry Applesauce Container
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
Pour all of it into a bowl and mix up! Serve cold or at room temperature, depending on how long you want to wait to eat it! 😉