Celebrating the Bucket List

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So I am sure that many of you have been introduced to the amazing story of the Bucket List Baby…..Shane and his family. It is a quite a story that has gone viral a while ago. This amazing, loving couple found out that their baby had a birth defect and he would surely not live for more then a few hours. And they decided that, instead of terminating the pregnancy, they would love and live life with their baby as long as they could! So they went to the zoo, to baseball games, and many different things that they would have done when he was born. Shane was born Thursday and passed away a few hours later. In the words of his parents: “Shane spent his entire life in the arms of people that loved him unconditionally and I don’t think you could ask for a more beautiful life than that,”

This story touched my heart with the love, the deep love, of family. Love is something that spans the pain of death and the joy of life. It never ends. And this family was offered a huge, painful experience on a plate. They could have mourned and lived their time with overwhelming sadness…..and honestly they had every reason to. But instead they took hold of the joy of life and lived it to the fullest with their baby! His short life brought joy to his family and also to the world. Together they showed us all that love transcends sickness, pain, and even death. They celebrated life and their son!

What an awesome lesson for us. Celebrate life! Honestly we have no idea how long we have to live in this world together, so we should celebrate. Not just birthdays or holiday or large life event, but everyday moments! Celebrate the fact that we have love in our life, that we have our family, that we have been given our very own moments that are just ours. Some are bad, or unhappy, and some are amazing, simple or just plain ordinary. Yet they all can be celebrated. Light candles for dinner, take a trip to that local beach that you keep saying you will go to, hit the zoo, see a game at the big stadium, heck, just make a cake…..for the heck of it! Do something to celebrate! (Ps. this is a pictures of us having pizza on the beach the other day…..celebration of the sun that finally came out after three days of gray!)

What do you think? Do you ever celebrate life just because?