Christmas Cookie

Today was our annual Chirstmas cookie baking day at my moms house! We made lots of different kinds and lots of different sizes! 🙂 Everyone was able to be there, even my brother who lives in San Diego. We made Spritz, Gingerbread, Snowballs, Double Chocolate Chip, Nutterbutter Santas, Sugar Cookie cut outs, Turtle Cookies, and Lemon Shortbread. Whew! It was a lot, but boys are they going to be good to eat on Christmas! Another bit of fun we had was giving my mom her gift early! We bought her a new Kitchen Aid mixer. The big professional grade one! So it was decided that she had to have it for cookie day of course! My sister created a Clue like game to make her find it before she unwrapped it. Everyone had a great time with that too!

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Tomorrow is our own mini Christmas! The girls are SOOOO excited because they get to open gifts and go to a fancy dinner with mom and dad! I hope you are all ready and excited about the holidays at your house too! I cant wait!!!!! 🙂