Circus Time!

Last year we took the girls to the circus, and this year we found out that it was in town again so we had to go! We invited some friends and headed out today! It was just as amazing as last year and all the kids sat captivated and awed the whole time! I really love to watch all the performers! They really put all their heart into what they do and it shows. Everything was well done and so exciting! I just know you want to see pictures dont you? Here they are!

We were able to get there in time for some of the pre-show! The kids were able to get up close to see the elephant painting! It was great to see how close we were!

I could only get a picture of the top of their heads! 😉

The clowns taught everyone a dance!

Ready for the show!

5 people on two horses is amazing and a bit nerve racking!

This motorcycle is on a tightrope and was really close to us! It was really cool!

The Tigers and lions were amazing! Their trainer clearly loved them dearly!

These girls were in these clear bubbles hanging from the ceiling! They did a bunch of amazing things!

These girls are hanging by their hair! They did all sorts of spins, hung from hoops, and juggled while hanging!

Yes, this acrobat is jumping through a flaming hoop!

This dog is jumping over this lady!

This dog is standing on a rope!

Everyone’s favorite…the Elephants!

This globe has 8 dirt bikes and riders in it! They all rode at the same time! It was super amazing!

Yes…it was amazing!

At the end we met the dragons!

It was an amazing show and fun was had by all! I loved it and so did the kids!