Corn, Corn, and More Corn!

Well my husband’s family has a great sweet corn field that they plant each year. This year because there was so much heat, the corn all came on all at one time! So my husband got us some for freezing. When I say some, I mean about 12 dozen! So today, after reading together most of the morning, we shucked, washed, cut, and boiled all of it! All total we ended up with 10-12 quarts of corn ready to freeze! I packed it all into 1.5 quart bags and its all ready for winter (or sooner)! The girls got to help shuck it and for the cooking part of the day, I pulled out some watercolors! The girls were really happy to get some art time in and I was able to cook corn without their feet running through my very sticky kitchen! All in all it was a good day and we got a lot done. Oh and guess what we ate for dinner? Taco salad…..and corn! 😉

So there was our day! It was busy, but fun! Now that we have corn all done, I think that we are going to need to make some jam! Happy Summer everyone!