Egg-stra Special Easter Preperations!

Ok….I couldn’t resist the corny title! 😉 Today we were full of egg fun here in preparation for the great day of celebration, Easter! The day started off with an egg hunt at our Church and the girls had ever so much fun seeing some friends and finding all the candy filled eggs!

Later on this afternoon we got to dye some eggs! The girls were so excited to get to work! We didnt do anything special except dye them. I did give the girls some white crayons to write on the eggs with before they dyed them! Pup thought that was super cool! Bunny decided to be a little tricky and did some double colored ones! My sister showed her how to use some rubber bands to get white stripes on the egg, and she loved doing that too! All the eggs turned out so super well! Here are some pictures of our day!

We had alot of fun! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and the beautiful spring! I have been thinking so much about the meaning of these few precious days and about what they mean for our salvation. I know that those words are such catch phrases and I don’t usually use them but this lent has had me thinking alot about what is truly important in life. Last night as I was thinking about my kids and the fears of what could happen were running through my head. I know that happens to most moms at some point. There is nothing worse then thinking about bad things happening to your kids. But then, I thought about Good Friday, about God’s gift to us, and it hit me that no matter what happens in life, no matter what happens to us, we will exist forever! I can never loose my family, or my kids. Someday we will all be together for eternity! We can love each other forever. I dont know about you, but this is such a powerful thought for me. It is really what this wonderful Easter celebration is all about ! God gave us life and gave it to us forever! I pray you all have a very blessed day tomorrow! Happy Easter!