Fair Day!!!!!

Well today was the day that we headed out to the fair! Every year on Memorial Day weekend, we go out to the fairgrounds where my hubbie spent his youth and, well, do fair!!!!! The girls were so excited! I had gotten the book Hurry Down to Derry Fair. This is a really sweet book that has a nice rhyming text and really touches on all the elements that are a part of the county fair! After reading the book several times this week, Pup wanted to ride a yellow horse (on a Merry go round) , and Bunny wanted to see it all! 😉 The day was rather chilly here (only 59) an I thought it would warm up more. It didn’t. So thankfully my sister in law had a blanket that I could put over Pup in the stroller! Other then that it was a busy and fun day! We were even able to meet up with some friends! Here is what we saw!

This is one my sister in law’s cows.

Here are my sweeties.

Bunny is looking at the drafts horses.

Here are my other sister in law’s beef calves

As you can see by the ribbons, they did pretty well! 🙂 Yeah them!!!!

Here is a bunny that Pup is looking at.

Bunny decided that she loved the bunnies! 🙂 We talked her about maybe showing them when she get bigger. That is a big maybe, but she liked the idea! 😉

Here is my hubbie showing the girls some baby goats.

The food there is awesome!!!!! The milkshakes are to dye for! They the best ever!!!!

Me and my cutie! 😉
(Yes I took this myself)

Aren’t these pictures of the produce barns amazing! They are so classic America!!!!

Here are the canned goods! So pretty (and so much work)!

Here is Pup on her “yellow” horse!!!

They also rode train.

Pup waved every time she went by! It was too hard to get a good pic of her smile! Bunny loved riding it so much she rode it twice!

They also wanted to watch some Dairy Heifer Judging. It was a little long, but they didn’t want to leave!

Bunny was fascinated!

This is the cake my sister in law made for judging. She got a blue ribbon!!!!!
(yes is is looking a little limp, but it has been sitting in the heat for days!)
Isn’t it amazing! I love it!

This is the tire of a HUGE tractor that was on display!!!! The kids had fun sitting and standing in it!

Here is our friend climbing up to the cab. It was way above my head!

He was so happy to get to the top!

Even the little one made it up!

Here are the draft horses getting harnessed.

Isn’t this the perfect fair pic?
He is too cute!


So that was the fun of out weekend! I hope yours was fun too! This is the last fair of the season and I think summer really is over! Bring on some fall fun! 😉