Fantasic Fall

This week I had a crazy need to shoot… good lighting… a professional! So I drafted my girls, cancelled school for the day, and took them to the park at 9 in the morning! Not exactly the golden hour, but pretty close! At least I wasn’t shooting midday like I usually am. The colors in the trees are starting to turn and we found a little bridge in the park, by the lake…….it was just beautiful. So I made the girls play photo shoot with me (with the promise of the playground afterward). We had a lot of fun. We talked about fall and how leaves change color, collected some acorns, and buckeyes, and enjoyed the fall weather! The next day we headed to the beach for an impromptu dinner of pizza. Since the sun was just starting to go down, I brought my camera and snapped more pictures. We had fun, they had fun, and I got to play photographer. Who knows…..maybe I will do this for real someday! Want to see some of my pictures? Here they are. Straight out of camera (because I really don’t know how to photo edit yet.). Don’t worry…..I plan to play around and do some before and after with them later on! I just had to share! 🙂

Sept. 24, 2014219 Sept. 24, 2014194 Sept. 24, 2014365 Sept. 24, 2014375 Sept. 24, 2014398 Sept. 24, 2014422 Sept. 24, 2014451 Sept. 24, 2014559 Sept. 24, 2014578 Sept. 24, 2014592 Sept. 24, 2014633 Sept. 24, 2014657 Sept. 24, 201488 Sept. 24, 2014100 Sept. 24, 2014114 Sept. 24, 2014152 Sept. 24, 2014181 Sept. 24, 2014216 Sept. 24, 2014245 Sept. 24, 2014281 Sept. 24, 2014299 Sept. 24, 2014303 Sept. 24, 2014393 Sept. 24, 2014398 Sept. 24, 2014529 Sept. 24, 2014542 Sept. 24, 2014548 Sept. 24, 2014552 Sept. 24, 2014555 DSC_0085 copy DSC_0101 copy DSC_0097 copy DSC_0226 copy DSC_0227 copy DSC_0233 copy DSC_0231 copy

Tell me what you think! I would love some feedback! 🙂