Fire Station Dinner!

Today we went to the chicken dinner that our local fire station! Every year they have a couple of chicken dinners to help raise money for the station. Every year we go because I just LOVE barbecued chicken! Another reason we go is because we get to eat in the fire station! Not only do the girls love to eat while they sit and look at all the fire equipment, but is a great teaching moment about what a fire fighter does for the community. I love it when learning and food go together, dont you? 🙂

Our summer has been busy so far! We have been cleaning, organizing, and getting things in order! This week we are going to be doing some re-decorating of two certain girls rooms! 🙂 Dont worry, I will get some pics to share! 😉 After that I think I have a garage sale, some Montessori storage
re-organizing, and a few fun sewing projects I want to get to next! Not to mention making sure that I am ready for the next school year! I promise to stop by here and share what we are doing, however, I dont think I will be here everyday! So please keep stopping back anyway! You guys mean the world to me and I cant wait for you to see our Montessori inspired bedrooms in a few days! 🙂 Happy Summer everyone!