Fourth of July Fun!

Yesterday we had a really awesome party over at my Mom’s house to celebrate the Fourth of July (yes I know that it was only June 30)! Our city was planning on setting off their fireworks that night and we are able to watch then right from the backyard! Perfect right? Everyone had a wonderful time and lots of great summer fun! Plus we got to decorate, and who doesnt love to do that? Are there pictures you ask? Why, of course! You are at my blog, I never let you down with photos! 😉

My Mom sewed the bunting! Isnt it too cute? I LOVE bunting!

We also did the fruit flag that I saw on Pintrest! Here is a link if you want to see! Instead of bananas we used white peaches! They last longer when they are out!

We were all excited that my brother picked up some pre-show fun!

My dearest hubbie couldnt resist getting in on the action too!

Watching Fireworks!

This was one of those floating lanterns! It was really cool!

After we left my Mom’s, there were some more fireworks! Since we could see them from our house, we sat in the front yard to watch them! It was fun!

It was ever so much fun and it was Pup’s very first time seeing fireworks! She was always too tired to stay up, but this year she did and she loved it! 🙂 It was so much fun to watch her face! Bunny loved it all too and was with the big kids most of the day! Needless to say, everyone was pretty tired today and we got some much needed rest!
I am also happy to say, that I hope to resume some more blogging this week! Hooray right? I will start with the reveal of Pup’s room! I have worked really hard in the last week to get it all together! Bunny’s almost done too, but I will show them one at a time! 🙂 We are also going to be having a craft day and time with friends! 🙂 I will “see” you all tomorrow!