Free Play all Day!

The girls have been stuck in the house alot because of the heat (it was 105 today) so they have been playing alot together! The Melissa and Doug set that we won is still in the house (too hat to make a sand box) and it has inspired the kids to have a party! Pup and Bunny put together quite a feast for me, and their “kids”! They set up our whole back room as a house. They had a kitchen, a pantry, and even a sink! I loved it! Here are the pictures I took at the Party!

Here is the kitchen!

The Buffet….

Bunny served. It was quite sweet how she was so very welcoming and polite!
There was so much grace and courtesy.

Pup wanted me take her picture! Isnt she cute!

Here is my meal, soup, cupcake, cookies, and a doughnut. 😉

After dinner we had to wash our hands!
This is the sink! The pink blanket is a towel,the red bead is soap! Too Creative!
I love it when the girls play so well! It is so cute to see what they come up with!
What have your kids played lately?