Garden Take Two!

Well as many of you saw, we had a lovey garden all planted and growing beautifully! Bunny and Dad planted it and we were all so excited for when we finally got some fresh veggies. However, sometime in the past couple of days, a strange bug decided to kill our plants!!!!! 🙁 So….today we replanted and added a some bug control stuff. What else can you do? Not a fan of all the chemicals, but there is nothing else we could do! So with alot of water, sunshine, and time, I hope we can have some fresh veggies (after we wash them like crazy of course)! Thanks to my Hubbie who worked hard to get it in tonight!

Bunny took this picture for me! 🙂

Another really exciting thing that happened this week is the Pup figured out how to pump on her swing! I cant tell you how excited I am for this! I love her, but she will swing all day long, and pushing her got to be a little much! I knew that she was going to figure it out, but I was so happy she figured it out at the beginning of summer! She is over the moon proud of herself and all I need to do is push once! Hooray for her!
Can you see the pride all over her face?

I hope you are all enjoying the outside too (and that your gardens are growing well)! Oh and dont forget to pop by and vote over at Circle of Moms! Thanks to all of your for your support and love! You are the best!