Glasses For My Girl!

Well the other day Bunny had an eye appointment! It turns out that she has an astigmatism and needs some glasses to correct it a bit! She was very excited about this and couldn’t wait to get her glasses! Today was the day! She picked them out herself and really loved both pairs that we got! Here is the proud girl after getting her new glasses!

Here is her black pair.
(Sorry for the weird angle)

Here is the pink pair. This was the first pair she picked out!
She is ever so proud of her new glasses and very excited to wear them! I am excited that this may help her with her school work! The Doctor told me that, while her vision is still pretty good, her astigmatism is causing her to work really hard to focus. She is also almost nearsighted. So I hope that this will help her be a little less frustrated! Not to mention, she’s pretty cute right?!