Go Fly a Kite!

Today spring showed itself for real! It was 60 degrees, sunny and windy! We even had our first crocus! The girls found some kites in the garage and I suggested we head out to the park for some kite flying! It was always a tradition in my family to fly kites on Easter at my Grandma’s house. Its not Easter I know, but I realized that I dont think that my girls have ever gotten out to fly them! Yikes! So off we went! If you didnt see all the ice on the lake, it would look just like spring! However, I know that it is only a tease! We will have snow again by mid week (or so they say)!

After we put the kites away, the girls wanted to explore the ice pack on the shore of the lake! So we did. Who doesnt love HUGE chunks of ice! Dont worry, no one went out on it, we just stepped on the edges!

I hope you had a happy weekend too! We are back to school and work tomorrow! See you then! Happy {almost} Spring!