Happy 5th Birthday Pup!

Today is my baby’s 5th birthday! She has grown so much and so fast! I cant tell you how proud I am of the little person she is becoming! She is always full of laughter and silliness! She loves surprises and is happy for everyone about….well anything! She is a blessing in and I cant imagine our life without her! Today is Ash Wednesday, and so we started her day out with Mass. My mom met us at Church and we went out for some bagels and doughnuts afterward! Pup loved it. She got a gift while we were there from my mom (and hand knit sweater and kitty hat for her doll). Later on, we took her out for dinner at a cool pizza place. She got to have the pizza with pineapple that she wanted and a birthday cookie! We ended the night with her celebration of life and some gifts (her favorite part)! She was pretty happy! I love my girl!

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