Happy All Saints Day

Well it is the day after Halloween, so that means it is All Saints Day here! We started the day off with Mass and then I took the girls out for a mini celebration! We brought our saint book with us and read them over our “coffee” (whipped cream) and bagels! The girls loved it and it really inspired Bunny to want to know more about her patron saints! We of course looked them up and she just fell in love with the whole idea that there are saint out there she can ask pray for her! Both the saints we found were teachers and nuns. I think that she is happy to find helpers for when that school work gets really tricky! Maria Montessori observed that children in the ages of 6-12 really desire and NEED heroes that they can look up to! They want to have someone special that inspires them! I think that saints are an awesome place to start! They are literally hundreds of amazing real stories of people doing amazing things for others around them and for God. These are things that I want to my girls to emulate and make a part of their lives, so knowing people who have lived this way and know that they are real leave such a  deep impression! If you are looking for a place to start this Lives of the Saints book Bunny has is really beautiful! It is a great place to start! If you have littler ones, I really love the Alphabet of Catholic Saints is an awesome book too! For First Communion, I read Bunny the book about Blessed Imelda and this was a real turning point for her! She realized how special making her first communion was and she really started to grow closer to Jesus in her own personal prayer. It is amazing what a good book can do! So I wish you all a happy Saints Day! My all the saints in heaven pray for blessings for all of you!




PS. In case you are wondering if we skipped Halloween, I assure you we didn’t! The high winds and icky rain made all the cities around postpone Halloween fun to Sunday night! I promise you pumpkins, candy and costumes then! I hope you all had a fun holiday!