Happy Birthday Pup!

Today, 4 years ago I welcomed my sweet and silly little girl! She was a chubby little one and full of personality right from the start! I think at one point I took 20 pictures of her in the hospital and she was making a different face in each one of them! She has grown so much into a smiley, curious, and happy girl. Every day brings her smiles and her giant bear hugs for no reason at all! I love this little ray of sunshine that was sent into our lives!

Now my little Pup requested a zoo birthday ( which goes perfectly with her cheetah study) and she wanted it to have purple mixed with pink (fuchsia)  as a color! So today she had some friends over to celebrate her birthday (we are having a party for all the family this weekend) and I think I managed to pull off the theme really well! She loved it at any rate when she saw it all for the first time at 5:45am! Let’s just say she was excited! The family party we had was held the next weekend and it looked th same with a few changes. I have updated everything so you can see it all! Would you like to see the party? Well here is what a purple pink zoo looks like!

Here is her cake for her family party!



Pup really wanted to have her Cheetah as a part of the party decor! So there it sits for all to see!

This is the African grassland that Pup painted last week! We also thought it would be fun to add it into the decoration and it looks great! Plus the kids had fun playing with it!




We did her celebration of life with our friends today and it was great. I found out that my tv can use memory sticks to show pictures! So we did the pictures like that and it was really great! In fact at one point Pup was sitting with the rest of the kids to watch the pictures! 🙂




She had an amazing time today playing with her friends and well, lets just say she is now passed out sound asleep! She had just as much fun with all her family! She loved every second of it all! Happy Happy Birthday to my little Pup!