Happy Birthday to Bunny!

Today my sweet girl you are turning seven. I cant tell you how very proud and amazed I am of you. You have asked this year for a Lego themed birthday party and I did my best to give you just that. You love the building, the creating, and the endless possibilities! There is nothing you love more then making things of your very own and I love the creativity that you have the flows into each thing that you do. You have shown me this past year that you are growing up in so many ways. You are more confident in your abilities, more outgoing with your friends, and more excited about learning new things. You want to do new things, and not just do them, but to recreate them better then they were before! Nothing makes me happier then to see the things that you excite you and to see your sunshiny smile light up a room! I love you more then you could ever know and I cant wait to see what you learn, how your grow, and what you create this year! Happy Happy Birthday my darling girl!

On Saturday, Bunny had her party with some of her friends! We cleared all of ourselves off of the normal decor and added all of her favorite Lego creations and some random bricks. We wrapped all the the picture frames with wrapping paper and added some circles to make them look like giant Lego bricks! The white pictures with the colored legos on it were hand made from pieces of paper that I glued on the paper and added the dots to them! It was really time consuming, but they looked great! Bunny helped me make some of them! I think I may have been able to make them on the computer, but this way Bunny got to help and we had fun! The girls got to color some pages I printed from Lego.com, and we also played find Stephanie the Lego girl, What am I Building (like pictionary), and of course tons of free building! They all really enjoyed it, but hiding and finding the 10 Stephanie figures was by far the favorite game! We played it a million time and the girls even took turns hiding it! The figure I printed off from a web image. Food was simple lunch food, but we wrapped it all to look like Legos! The girls thought it was fun to unwrap their lunch! Plus there was cupcakes for dessert! 🙂 For party favors, I made some rings for the girls made of a Lego brick on a ring base. I also found some Lego Friends pencils and of course candy bracelets. My sister also made some lego brick necklaces for each girl with a heart and the intial of their first name on it! All of this was packaged in a little lego brick box that I made from card stock! It was a fun way to end an awesome day of play!






Today we had her family here for a party! She had a great time and the Lego theme carried on! My mom made the cake for her and she loved! I didnt change any of the decorations, so it was all still about the Legos! We also had the chance to share the traditional Montessori Celebration of Life with the whole family! Bunny loves this every year! She loves to hear stories of her early life and I love sharing the pictures too!


So there you have a wonderful Lego party for my new sever year old! She loved every second and so did! Happy Birthday Bunny!