Happy Epiphany

Today is Epiphany Day and since it was my goal for the year to celebrate the Church year, we took the time for a small King’s Day Celebration! I made a kings cake and hid a wooden coin inside (wrapped in foil). After it was baked, I frosted it and the girls decorated it like a crown! They had a great time adding all sorts of yummy bits to it and Bunny thought that we needed some kings on top of the cake! So off she went to make three of them and a camel for the cake!

After our dinner, we sat by the nativity and read the story of the Epiphany together. As I read, Bunny moved the figured around. We talked about the story together and about how we can still give Baby Jesus gifts, gifts of Love and Prayer. After our reflection, it was time for cake! Even though we each ate a piece of cake, no one found the coin. The girls were so disappointed about it, I did something rather unconventional. The girls split the rest of the cake and they literally dug through it! 🙂 Bunny found the coin and she was named king of the night! They both had so very much fun!

Do you do anything special to celebrate Epiphany?