Happy Fathers Day








Today I want to send some love and smiles to all of the amazing dads out there! To the ones who work endless hours, get up early and go to bed late, who wake up to get the kids that are crying, who gets pizza when mom has had a hard day, who loves endlessly, and supports no matter what, we thank you all! Especially would like to thank my dad for all he has done. And I want to thank my husband for all the love that he pours into this family here. Our life is entirely possible because of the sacrifice and effort he puts into making sure we have everything we need. His love and support make me the mom that I am. He is the best dad ever and I know that my girls can talk to him and come to him for anything. It amazes me to see him with them. As I watch him, I realize that the love God has for us is bigger, and more special then we can imagine! Today is a day to be thankful for love and that I am! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there!