Happy Halloween!

Today was full of halloween fun over here! Trick or Treating isnt until Saturday, but we had a party this morning and we got to carve our pumpkins this afternoon! The party for our homeschool group was a huge blast. The girls dressed in their costumes before we left and the excitement was off the charts! 🙂 Bunny was a Tooth Fairy and Pup was a Cowgirl!

After my little photo op, it was time to go! Off we went to our party! It was amazing! The planing mom did an AWESOME job! We had a flower arranging crafts, and a bunch of games!

How cute are all these little ghosts and goblins?

Everyone loved the craft! It was super fun for everyone!

Playing Hot Pumpkin! 😉

Prizes for Everyone!

Bean Bag Toss

Making Mummies!

After all that fun it was time to eat! Everyone chipped in and got creative! Everything was themed! Here is what was on the menu!

We also had hot dogs with crescent rolls that looked like mummies! They were awesome! !I forgot to get a picture though! 🙁 Sorry!
It was a great party! We are so blessed to have friend near by that allow us to have these school friends!I love that they arent missing out on any of that as homeschoolers! When we got home, we got things ready to carve pumpkins! Both girls were really excited about it! Pup wanted to make a Puppy pumpkin and Bunny carves hers all on her own! She resisted all help from anyone and was super proud when it was all done!

So there you have it! Our Halloween fun! I hope that all of you have found a fun way to celebrate too! Happy Halloween everyone!