Happy International Digital Scrapbook Day!!!!!!

For all of you non-scrappers out there, today is International Digital Scrapbook Day!  I LOVE this day because it means that all of my favorite places to shop for scrapbooking goodies are having HUGE sales! 😉 I spend a lot of time working really hard making sure that our family memories are preserved forever for the girls to look at whenever they want! There is something so special about seeing my girls sitting cuddled up in a chair and reliving their own history. In fact this is one of the things that has been taking my time away from my dear readers here! In fact in honor of DSD, I thought you would like to see some of the pages I made from the pictures of Bunny as a baby! I scrapped them with paper and glue way back then, but the albums were falling apart from over reading and I wanted to take those 35mm pics and turn them into digital images to preserve them forever! After, what If there was a fire or something like that! Yikes! So here are some of the pages from her very first year!

Carly's baby Book - Page 001

Carly's baby Book - Page 002

Carly's baby Book - Page 004

Carly's baby Book - Page 006

Carly's baby Book - Page 007

Carly's baby Book - Page 010

Carly's baby Book - Page 012

Carly's baby Book - Page 013

Carly's baby Book - Page 014

Carly's baby Book - Page 015

Carly's baby Book - Page 016

Carly's baby Book - Page 018

Carly's baby Book - Page 019

Carly's baby Book - Page 020

Carly's baby Book - Page 022

Carly's baby Book - Page 023

Carly's baby Book - Page 011

I also thought that maybe you would like to see some other pages I made for a few other scrapbooks I have been working on! You see I have been busy! 😉 I truly love to do this and honestly it is one of my big passions! I love making pictures tat we take into beautiful books full of the best moments of our lives!

Mittendorfs - Page 006

Mittendorfs - Page 007

Mittendorfs - Page 008

Mittendorfs - Page 009

Mittendorfs - Page 010

Mittendorfs - Page 016

Mittendorfs - Page 017

Stasa Family~ 2012 2 - Page 042

Stasa Family~ 2012 2 - Page 046

Stasa Family~ 2012 2 - Page 047

Stasa Family~ 2012 2 - Page 055

Stasa Family~ 2012 2 - Page 058

So there you have it! This is what keeps my time taken up! Now I know that you are dying to know where I get my graphics for these amazing pages! Sweet Shoppe Designs is my go to place! Their designers are super talented and so awesome! It is like scrapbooking with paper, just less expensive, less messy, and a wee bit faster sometimes! I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite hobby! Happy Digital Scrapbook Day! What is your favorite hobby?