Happy Spring!!!!!

Today is the very first day of spring, but it feels alot more like summer here! The temperatures have been in the 80s all week! I had to pull out shorts!!!!! Shorts….in MARCH!!!! Crazy! So to celebrate this very crazy first day of summer, we headed out to the beach for some relaxing fun! That’s right, we went to the beach! It was warm, sunny, and so beautiful out! I was so thankful for this time to sit in the sand, to watch the girls play, and soak up some sun (too be honest, too much sun!!!!! I am lobster red!!!). They had SO much fun playing in the sand! Bunny made a bakery with the sand toys and Pup literally dug in the sand like a dog! She was really into the sensory experience of the sand on her feet and hands! Here are a few pictures of our spring day!

Ahhhh!!!!!  It was a wonderful day and we ended it wet, sandy, and very happy! I hope you all had a wonderful day welcoming spring!!!!!