Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. It is one of those holidays that people either do or don’t do. I love it. There is something so magical about a bunch of pink and happy hearts in the middle of cold dank February! However, this year I was a little bit off! We didn’t decorate until yeaterday. I did mange to get some things together for the girls because I think they love the holiday as much as I do! For each of the girls I made an animal valentine out of hearts and left them to find when they woke up. I also blew up a bunch of red balloons and left them all over the floor! They LOVED it! I also made sure that we had a fun breakfast. Whole wheat pink pancakes with sprinkles and strawberry smoothies were the menu for breakfast! It seems like the simple things are the ones that mean the most to the girls. It was a good reminder that acts of love are sometimes so simple. And it seems like these simple ones are the best! I hope you all got a chance to celebrate with someone you love! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

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