Hot Cocoa and Happy Moments

Today my hubbie took us all out for a walk in the very brisk winter- like air! It was so great to get out for a few minutes and to feel the cobwebs blow out of my brain! We didn’t stay out long however, since the breeze was SO cold! We headed instead to get some hot cocoa! The place that we got it from has the best hot cocoa that I have ever had! It must be made with whole milk and have a million calories in it, but is worth every drop! It is also worth every happy moment I had with my family! I love it when my hubbie makes us all get out together! It is so easy as it get colder to just stay inside and never get out! It is amazing to take time to be together! These small moments are the ones that mean the most!

Peace and Smiles to you all! I hope that you all have many happy moments too!