Hunting for Hearts

Today was unseasonably warm here, so instead of heading down to the basement, I herded them outside! 😉 I wanted to have a nice quite peaceful walk with my girls, and we did. It was so sunny and so windy, and the girls loved it! To add an element of fun, I told Bunny that we were hunting for hearts. We looked for them as we walked. We walked on the board walk through the forest, then we headed up to the beach! There was so much for them to look at and explore! They both told me it was a really great day and that we should do it everyday!

Here are the hearts we “collected” on our walk! I think that we were able to find quite a few! 🙂 Bunny did a great job finding them and I had fun looking too!

I love these simple moments with the girls! They are just simple and peaceful! Simple is something that I have been thinking alot about lately (you can read my thoughts here). We sang silly songs while we walked and talked about the thing that they were thinking. We looked at everything and played follow the leader. We had walking sticks, and rode the “sand” escalators (sand cliffs). 🙂 It was wonderful! I hope you all had a wonderful day too!