Its Fair Time!

Well its that time of year again…it is fair time! When my husband was a kid he was very into 4H (as I talked about before) and today was the day we went to the fair he was a part of as a kid! I really enjoy going there, not only because it is a huge fair, but because his family is still so involved! His sisters are still showing Steers and Dairy Cows, and his cousins have all kinds of projects! Plus it is so much fun to watch the girls ride ponies, eat amazing fair food, and watch the judging! They loved it, all of it! Of course I have some pictures of our fun!

Here is a baby calf! Too Cute!

Draft Horses

Dairy Cow judging. Bunny really likes to watch the judging of the animals. I really dont know why since she doesnt know that much about what the judges are looking for, but she loves it!

Bunny and one of her Aunties!

Pup in the barn!

We let the girls ride the ponies. I really dont love the pony rides since I feel so bad for the ponies who have to walk in circles all day long. However, they do give so much joy to the kids who never get a chance to ride a real pony! My girls were no exception! This was the highlight of their day! Pup wants to be a cowgirl for Halloween, and Bunny has been playing with my old toy horses all week! This was just about the most exciting thing they could have done!

We checked out all of the arts and crafts barns and the agricultural barn too! I love looking at all the open class projects and I realized the Bunny could probably do that next year! She loves to craft and make things and she could enter some of that if she works really hard! She really loved this idea! She told me that ribbons and trophies are really cool and they are her favorite things! After a little chat about how we wont win every time she is still rather interested, so I will look into it! I like that she can do what she feels like doing and still have a chance to participate in something!

My Father-in-law’s popcorn!

The girls went on this ride. Bunny loved it, and Pup was SUPER scared. Poor girl! At least Bunny was there with her to help her see it was ok!

After the bus we had some simple merry-go-round fun! This was fun for everyone!

We also got to watch a blacksmith! The girls really loved it and didnt want to leave!

Here is my sister-in-law’s cake decorating project! You can see Bunny’s birthday cake on the left hand corner! Bunny thought that was cool and wanted me to take a picture!

We got to see a baby foal and her mama while we were over with the horses! She was too cute!

After that we watched a horse show! Bunny took these pictures since she was so interested! I asked her if she wanted to take some horseback riding lessons, but she wasnt sure! She doesnt like horses right now though!

So there you have it! Fair time! It is amazing what an event and lifestyle this is for so many people! I love the idea of it all even though I am pretty sure that I could never do it the way some of the people there do! It is such an amazing piece of American culture and I am glad my girls get to experience it! Back to school tomorrow! See you then!