It’s Lent!

Well seeing as I have been a little lazy in my blogging, I will share today what we did on Ash Wednesday. I set out to have a a feast day celebration each month at the beginning of the year, so this month I thought we should celebrate the beginning of Lent! I saw on Catholic Cuisine that they made an ash Wednesday cake that was made with cake crumbs and pudding. It was really to help remind the kids of the ashes that they received at church! Seeing that they had to crumble up the whole cake, they thought it was a perfect idea!


We had a lovely talk about Lent and about the things we could do to love Jesus more. Pup decided that she could work on the sign of the cross. It was all her own thought. She had been making crosses out of paper and drawing Jesus on them the day before. She was so sweet and she made 3 of them. I pointed to them and said it was Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I explained the trinity a bit to her. She loved the idea and said it was just like the sign of the cross. Se was so excited about it and I think that it was what inspired her to work on the sign of the cross this Lent. I thought it was a beautiful idea!

Bunny really didnt know what she wanted to do, but she did grab a money box to give to the poor and she said she wanted to fill it. I told her if she needed to earn money she could work in the house to make some money to give. So she has been working really hard scrubbing floors and cleaning windows! The money has mostly gone to the box for the poor. I am proud that she is willing to try hard to help others!
As for me, I have quite a few books that I am going to try and read. As well as stepping back computer time in the mornings! I want to make time to pray together as a family too. This is our plan for Lent! I wish you all a very blessed season of preparation!