Its Springtime here!!!!

Well we have had really very nice weather here the last few days and it has really made me so happy!!!! I know that it probably wont last forever, but we are going to enjoy it while it’s here! We have been playing outside, taking walks, and enjoying the beautiful flowers that are starting to pop up in our yard! It is really early for the daffodils to be up in this part of the world and it is such a treat! The girls are super excited about them and so am I!

Another fun thing that Bunny did today was write her very own story! She started with some fun stickers from my sister, and drew three pages for a book! Then she started to write. After a few minutes of distracted writing, she wanted to give up. I felt that she should finish what she started, so I asked her to keep going. Next thing I knew, she was writing really well! She hardly needed any help and it turned out really great! I was proud of her, and more importantly, she was proud of herself! Here are the pages of her book!
“Tinkerbell lives in the forest.”

“Had a sister named Roseabella.”

“She had a sister named Emma.”
Really great work huh? That is what we have been up to here! I have also been working like crazy on the City of Jerusalem work for the Catechises of the Good Shepherd. It is coming along really well, and I will show you pictures of how it turns out! I hope your week went really well and that you are enjoying Spring! 🙂