Learning to Knit

Yesterday Bunny and Pup came to stay with Grandma for a bit while I took my hubbie to the doctor for stitches. When I came back to pick them up, I found Bunny sitting with Grandma learning to knit! She was over the moon and has been super excited since! She told me that she was watching my mom knit a sock and asked what she was making. My mom offered to show her how, and Bunny jumped right on it! She is actually pretty good at it. Unfortunately, I am not. So I think that I am going to learn a bit more about knitting as we go! I love that it is something that can be so much fun for her and also help her with her concentration and focus! It is something that is a practical life exercise for many Montessori elementary students and I am so glad she is loving it! Plus it is something special she can share with her Grandma!

Happy Weekend Everyone!