Lighthouses and Lots of Fun!

Today my hubbie decide that we should go out to Marblehead OH for a day trip! It was wonderful, hot, but wonderful! The water we a beautiful blue color and the kids had a great time sticking their toes in the water as it splashed over the rocks. We even found out that they were offering tours of the lighthouse! Which meant that we could go up to the top! This lighthouse is the oldest, still operational lighthouse in all of the great lakes! WOW! I asked Bunny if she knew what a lighthouse was for. She told me that they are there to shine light out on the water to make sure the ships dont get too close! I was shocked that she knew! She said it was from a show on PBS! I guess tv is paying off! 😉  Finally we got a chance to go up to the top! It was so cool and little freaky! There was metal circular stairs going up and they were open! I had no issues going up (except for my flip flop falling down on someone!), but coming down I was watching Bunny ahead of me and as I looked down to realize that we could fall! Anxious was defiantly what I was feeling! But we all survived and Bunny wanted to go back up! 🙂  They both loved it! It was such a beautiful and simple day of family time and it was much needed! And as always I have pictures! 🙂

Summer is a great time to spend time together and I am so thankful for moments like this! I hope you are having a great summer! This week we are going to start planning for school! 🙂 Wish me luck getting it all together!