Merry Christmas

DSCN9440Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope and pray that the Baby Jesus fills your life with joy and happiness! Our day was fill with joy, excitement, and of course lots of gifts! We started with checking the stockings to see if Santa made it to our house (which he did) and then it was off to Mass to celebrate the true gift of this day! Then we got to spend the rest of our day with our family! There was lots of playtime with cousins and laughter of silliness! Here are a few pictures of our day!

DSCN9407 DSCN9420 DSCN9427 DSCN9428 DSCN9431 DSCN9436 DSCN9446 DSCN9452 DSCN9461 DSCN9472 DSCN9479 DSCN9480 DSCN9510 DSCN9513 DSCN9517 DSCN9519 DSCN9524

So there you have it! We are all really tired after all this fun and tomorrow we are going to sit around and just be! Bunny has plans to build the Lego Friends High School that she got from Grandma and Grandpa! And Pup is ready to ride her new scooter outside! Frankly, I will be reevaluating our school plan and making it ready for the new year!  What about you? Did you have a good holiday? What are your plans to relax after all the fun?