Montessori Doggie!

Our pasta sensory bin is open in the school room all the time. I figures that nothing would hurt dried noodles in the short amount of time that they would be out {I mean I’m not leaving them there for years}! Well I figured wrong! I was blogging happily the other night and I kept hearing this weird noise. My hubbie kept telling me it was just the dog eating her food. Well I didnt believe him, so i went looking. What I found was my doggie eat {just like my hubbie said} but she was not eating her food. She was eating my sensory bin!!!! What was even crazier was that she was sorting out what she wanted!!!!! She had a pile of ziti noodled and a pile of leaves. She was eating only the egg {twisty} noodled! Bahahaha!!!! {yes cyber laughter} It was too funny! Even my dog has decided to do Montessori work! It was really funny….although now I need to buy more noodles! 🙂

I hope this mad you laugh today! It was too funny not to share! Happy Tuesday!