Montessori Monday~ A Montessori Bedroom for Pup!

Well as promised, here are the pictures of Pup’s bedroom! I have been working really hard on both girls rooms. We got them organized, cleaned, and redecorated a bit! The one thing that I did was to rearrange the furniture and the room to be more open to other activities.For the most part we have no toys in bedrooms. Except for a doll or two and some stuffed animals, they aren’t allowed to have toys in their rooms (of course they may bring toys up to the their room to play, but they need to be put away by bedtime!). One reason is that they need sleep since they dont nap, but also it helps to cut down on the places that need to be picked up! The girls are fine with it since they have lots of books that they look through and they are usually ready to sleep anyway! 🙂 For Pup’s room, I didnt need to spend much money, it was a matter of spray paint, free printables found on Pintrest, and some sewing! So lets head off on our tour!

Here is the view from her door. As you can see the walls look a little tall since there is a lack of much up high. This is because she is short and as Maria Montessori pointed out, a child’s space should be sized to them, not us! I think that it needs a better picture, so I will try to replace it tomorrow!

Here is her shelf and table at the end of her bed.

The “Bubble” lamp was a request of Pup’s! The small basket holds her hair brush and other little things like that. The big one is for all the books she keeps in her room. And I also placed all her pretty things here too! The art prints are free printables from Children Inspired Designs. I used Peacock and Zinnia. I also used the peacock on some printable fabric to make the pillow on her bed!

Here is her child sized table and stool. I hung her mirror here too. My hope was that she would use it to do her hair and get ready in the morning! So far she loves it! I think it will be something she will use more and more!

Next to her bed is a small sitting area. I hung a metal mobile above it for some color and interest. It has small colored bows on it. She is too young for a mobile obviously, but it adds a nice decorative element. I hung some number art on the wall since she loves numbers so much right now! This was something that I made on my scrapbooking program. The numbers were colored to match the colors in the Children Inspired Design printables.

Her bed is a bunk board with a mattress on a regular twin bed frame. This gives it a real bed look with the low level that she still needs. I have a fabric head board that I made at the head of the bed. You cant see it very well in the picture since we are still trying to figure out the best way to attach it to the frame! It was one of the little things I didnt quite get done before I took pictures! 🙂 The pillows were made using printable fabric with the same printables in her frames. I added a bit of coordinating fabric around the edges. They turned out really cute and added a good bit of color to her bed!

I thought that I would show you her closet as well! This is where all of her clothes are. I have a basket for her pants, shirts, underwear, socks, diapers, and pjs! I also have a nice low bar for her dresses. She loves that she can reach it all and she even loves to help put her clothes away when I bring up the laundry!

So there you have it! Pup’s Montessori Bedroom. She has been really excited about her new room and loves it all! Let me know what you think! I think that like any good design, I will add and take away as I find things! I love that all the elements are really really easy to change as she finds her new interests. The printables are easily changed, the pillows can be changed easily too and that would be really give the room a whole new look when she is ready for something new! I hope that you find some inspiration! Happy Montessori Living!
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