Montessori Monday~ Pup’s Celebration of Life!

Well this week has been a little slow going with school. Since Monday was Pup’s birthday, we planned on having her party Sunday and having a little celebration with her on Monday. This was all set for the afternoon, so I thought we would have time to work. However, God had other plans for us! We woke up to several inch of snow!!!!! We have been waiting for snow so we could sled all winter! We only have had a few days of snow, and Bunny was really disappointed that she was unable to sled all winter! So when I saw the snow, I made sure we all got out to the sledding hill early! The girls had a blast! The snow was fresh (we were some of the first ones there) and girls went down a bunch, until a wet glove put Pup on the bench. She was too cold do play more! Bunny however went down over again and again and again! We even met up with out friends and got sled with them too!

There was hot Coco and doughnuts afterward!

After all that sledding everyone needed a rest! So we watched some tv when we got home. After that, it was time for Pup’s Celebration of Life! She loves walking around with the globe and it makes her so proud! As she was walking around, she asked me if she was 3. I told her yes and she starting jumping up and down saying “I’m 3! I’m 3!” 🙂 Her enthusiasm is so fun! We started off by talking about her in the hospital and what a big and sweet baby she was! As she walked around the sun I showed all of her cute baby pictures! When she was one she loved water and going to the zoo and learned new things! When she was two she learned to ride a bike, she played outside, loved to swim, went to the circus and on vacation, and kept learning! Now she is three and I know that this year will be amazing for her! After her celebration, we sang happy birthday and she blew out the candle! We ended the celebration with some gifts for the birthday girl! She loved it and so did we. I think that the Montessori celebration of Life is such a personal and special way to celebrate a child’s birthday! It is something that is quickly becoming a part of our family tradition!

I think my Pup had a great birthday and enjoyed all her fun! After our celebration, we all headed out for pizza and dessert! It was a perfect birthday!
Today all those inches of snow are gone! We have had sun and warmer waether all day! So we visited some friends and played outside! Pup was able to try out her new bike and it only took her a few seconds to get the hang of it! I love spring and it seems like it is just about here! Hooray!!!!

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