My Photoshoot

Yesterday I took the girls to the park to test my photography skills. They turned out pretty well. I even tried my hand at a little photoshop. Now please bear in mind that these are just a big trial! My photoshop skills are limited to a couple of online videos and some messing around! I took a ton of pictures! The poor girls were pretty tired by the end, but I rewarded them with time at the park so they were happy! Here are a few of the pictures I have edited. Let me know what you think!

Balloon Shoot~ Carly Sitting

Balloon Shoot~ Carly Tree 1

Balloon Shoot~ Carly with Balloon

Balloon Shoot~ Girls Holding Hands

Balloon Shoot~ Girls Together

Balloon Shoot~ Lily Chair 1

Balloon Shoot~ Lily Twirl 1

Balloon Shoot~ Sassy Carly

So there you have it! I think my darling are just too cute! I have clearly discovered that my photography abilities and editing abilities are needing a bit more work, but I do like how they turned out. It is a lot of work and I really just have to say that the professionals that take the amazing photos you see really do an amazing job making those pictures beautiful! They are artists! I have to say that it made me feel so good t really take the time to do something creative that I have been wanting to do for a long time. It is such an amazing thing to be creative and make things beautiful. It our way of sharing our joy, love, and heart with the world around us. I really have been thinking a lot about how much I need to be creative and something I realized is that it is not just me. The world needs to be creative. Even the prehistoric people all around the world took time to make beautiful things. Even in the mist of surviving and hunting and all the things that they needed to do, they still made jewelry and painted walls.  It is a part of being a human.  So I hope you have taken time to be creative this week for yourself this week!