Oh Christmas Tree….

Today we put up our tree!!!! I love putting up out tree. It is just so full of memories and joy! I love the sparkle of colored lights, the excitement of the kids, and the surprise of pulling out each ornament! You see in our family ornaments are a big tradition. We dont just have a pile of them from the store, the collection has been being put together since I was born. Each year my Grandma would buy each of us a new ornament. She would hang them on the tree and we would get to her house and try to figure out which one was just for us. She spent hours and hours picking out just the right one. She must have gone to a million stores a year looking for the perfect ornament! After she died, my mom took over the tradition, putting her own crafty twist on it! She makes everyone in the family their own ornament! So now with my collection, and the one that my girls are making, and the ones that belong to my hubbie, out tree drips with ornaments! I love them all! I love the puffy stuffed ones, the hallmark ones, and the handmade with love ones! They are all perfect! So decorating the tree is a fun and memorable experience! So here are a few pictures of our decorating (there is not a ton of pictures sine I was helping)!

So we are all decorated for the Holiday here! The tree is a really special part of the holidays for us and I love it! What are the special parts of your holidays? I love to hear all about what you do at Christmas!