Old Time Mill (and some electrcity examples)!

Today we headed out to a park for a walk in the sunshine, the fall colors, and the fresh air! It was such a great day we went out by the Maumee River and it was beautiful! I tried to get some cute pictures of the girls for some of my frames and I think I got a couple! We walked along the river and watched the water, looked at the leaves, and just were! They loved looking at all the different bridges we came to and we even got to wander over one. I love the magic of bridges. They seem so full of new places to go and explore, plus they are so pretty!

As we walked, we ended up down by the old mill! The building is various ages depending when there was damages, but the oldest part is nearly 165 years old! WOW! It was closed when we were there, but by luck, we ran into a volunteer who was doing building maintenance and he let us in and gave is a tour! He was just fabulous and showing is what was there and how it was used for many different things over the years! Not only did it grind grains into flour, but it was a saw mill (it is still used as that) and it also had a generator that powered all the electricity in the ares for a while! Yes it has quite a history! Bunny really thought it was cool to see the generator and with the study we did earlier in the week about power plants, she thought it was interesting to see how it worked! He also showed us all the ways that grain grinding has been done. He gave Bunny a handful of wheat which she took home and ground up with our mortal and pestle to make her own wheat! It was really fascinating and such an awesome opportunity to see all of this on our own!

This is the generator that ran the electricity.

Here is where they water from the canal to run the generator.

Here is the different kinds of grains with the flour they make! It was interesting to see them side by side.

Hand grinding flour.

View from the third floor.

It was such a great family day and I love having these moments together. I know I say that every time, but it is really true! I guess we are park people! 😉 I hope you are enjoying fall and all that comes with it. I will back tomorrow with some ideas and plans for our studies! Stop on back then! Happy Weekend!