Our Merry Christmas

If you have been following me for the last few years, you know that we do our own little family Christmas on the day before Christmas Eve. Why? Well because thenw e have some relaxed time to play together, eat together, and just be! Tomorrow we are at my moms and the next day we are at my in laws! Everyone gets lots of time and happiness together! Today we were able to start our day early ( I really thought Pup would explode into a million pieces if we didn’t)! The girls were so excited to open their gifts! So once breakfast was over, and kitchen was cleaned, we jumped into opening gifts! This year we got Bunny Olivia’s House from the Lego Friends collection. She was over the moon excited! The only thing Pup asked for was a pink scooter. So she got it and boy was she happy! She also got some Duplos. The girls got daddy some tickets to go to the movies together, and I got him a few pre-planed date nights through the year. Finally I got some books to read, some coffee, and beautiful copper earrings!

DSCN9135 DSCN9136 DSCN9149 DSCN9144 DSCN9141 DSCN9155 DSCN9156 DSCN9158 DSCN9164DSCN9245

After that it was play time! Bunny built her whole house and Pup rode her scooter all over the house! Pup and I also built some houses out of her duplos. It was a great time. The play was interrupted only by a surprise box of happiness from our friends in Puetro Rico! Karen and her Princesses from Mi Esculita Montessori sent some amazing gifts for the girls. Big Princess sent Bunny a new lego set that she didn’t have and a lego picture frame! She SOOOO happy! Pup got an animal version of Guess Who, and next to her scooter it was her favorite gift! Karen got me a sweet monthly planner! It is like she knew I was planning on organizing my time after Christmas!

DSCN9167 DSCN9172 DSCN9185 DSCN9175 DSCN9181

Every year we also head out to a fancy family dinner together! So out came Christmas dresses, the curling iron, and high heeled shoes. Bunny got an updo that she loved. She looked so pretty! Pup got curls and asked if this is how princesses got dressed! Then off we went! Yes, I really did make the girls stand for a picture! 😉 They looked so pretty I had to!

DSCN9213 DSCN9216 DSCN9221

We ended our evening with a trip to the new frozen yogurt place! You fill your cup with frozen yogurt, and add your toppings! Fun and yummy….and now so close to home! Then we drove out to see a house that has singing lights!!  This house has lights everywhere and they blink to music that they broadcast on their own radio station! It is amazing and so much fun to watch! After that though, it was home to bed! There is more fun for the morning! Be sure to stop by and see!

DSCN9225 DSCN9223 DSCN9222 DSCN9234 DSCN9226

So there you have it! I hope you are ready for all the holiday fun of the season! Sorry for the blurry pictures! Honestly, they were so excited they wouldn’t stay still enough to get clear pictures! 😉 Merry Early Christmas Everyone!