Our Saturday Bike-a-thon!

Ok….we really just took the kids to the park to bike, but they loved it so much! The weather was warm and we all needed some fresh air! So off we went! The girls loved riding their bikes somewhere other then the driveway! 😉 My hubby thought that giving the girls their bikes would give us a brisk walk, but they had other ideas! They both kept stopping to look at sticks and rocks and animals! I love that my little ones love nature! They are so observant and curious! It does make for a slow walk though! Here are some pictures of our fun!

It was so warm we were able to our thin jackets!

Off we go!

There were a ton of these little caterpillars and they freaked up out!!!! 🙂

Bunny was excited to recognize some Osage Oranges.
 We collected some a while ago to help keep the spiders out of the basement!

Here is what Bunny called a “Squirrel Bridge”

Pup’s leg got tired, so my hubby thought he could push her. Every time the stick got near her bike she would peddle as hard as she could cause she didn’t want to be pushed! 🙂

The trail ended at the Railroad tracks and Bunny and Pup wanted to get a closer look.
Since there were no trains in sight we let them get close!

Home we go!
We had a great day! I love it when the weather is nice even though it is late in the year! Happy Schooling!
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