Our Tent!

Well I finally finished it! The tent that I promised to show you and promised my girls they could play in! I got it all put together and they LOVE it! It is so cute and the perfect size for a hideaway! They played in it inside and out today. I love that I can move it easily and it fold around the poles. I made it using Meg McElwee’s book Growing Up Sew Liberated. It was pretty easy to put together and I love the detailed directions. Plus there are a ton of other amazing projects. I do recommend it if you are looking for a fun project! Here are the pictures of the tent!

Here is the front. Meg used Bamboo Poles, but I had some pvc pipe, so I used that!

Bunny posed for me to help show it off! 😉

Here is circle window.
 (As you can see, Pup was coming in to play!)

Even our dog, Lacey thought it was awesome!

Bunny set it all up so the it was “beautiful on the inside”! She is a decorator at heart! As you can see her new sewing basket is in there. As I mentioned before, we are working on a sewing badge and she has taken it up as her new favorite thing to do! As she said, she is a “sewing girl”! She is really good at it! We are working mostly on embroidery.

Here they both are sewing in the their tent!

Like I said, this book is great, and its also full of bits of wisdom that are fun and helpful! Meg is delightful to read and a Montessori teacher too! Check it out or visit her blog: http://sewliberated.typepad.com/! Happy Crafting!